Fall Lesson Program

August 10, 2020

What is the lesson program?

  • Due to restriction brought about by COVID-19 we will not be offering our usual Squad 9 and Saturday AM Shark School programming. Both of these programs cannot be run without close contact between swimmers and between coach and swimmers.
  • In order to provide this much needed life and safety skill to young swimmers of the Comox Valley we will be re-purposing this service into a private lesson format. By having 1 on 1 coaching for the swimmers the coach can provide thorough instruction without the need of constant physical manipulation of the swimmer and will be able to provide more direct and personalized instruction. We can take groups of 2 as well provided the swimmers are siblings or in a family bubble scenario.
  • Lesson sets will be four – 30 minute lessons that will repeat for twelve weeks over the Fall. This program will allow swimmers to be confident in the water in numerous strokes and if they desire to proceed into our Squad programs training twice per week.

Cost and details?

  • We have tried to set the cost at an amount that the club can provide the service and still make it of value to the families and competitive with private lesson services. A four week private lesson set will cost $150 ($200 for a two swimmer bubble).
  • The program will have a max capacity of 12 lessons per week.
  • As coaches will not be able to hold the swimmers or be in the water with them, all swimmers must be comfortable in deep water and be able to swim unassisted for 12m to register.


Times and dates?

The program runs Monday’s and Friday’s with four classes being offered Monday and eight classes being offered Friday.

There will be 3 sessions over the Fall running for four consecutive weeks starting:

  • September 14th
  • October 19th
  • November 16th

Registration is first come first serve. Currently registration for the September 14th session is open.